Atlanta Business Lawyer Nancy N. Ghertner

A good reputation in the community and experience are mandatory for any provider of legal services. I am proud to have been practicing business law in the Atlanta metro area for almost 30 years.

With my good reputation and my decades of business law experience, my business law firm practice has continued to grow from referrals from satisfied clients, other non-legal professionals such as CPAs and psychologists, and from other Atlanta attornies.

Atlanta Business Law Firm Nancy N. Ghertner, PC

Businesses require precise, professional, and experienced representation. Business owners know their own business very well but may not be up to date on changes in Georgia business law or issues that could negatively impact their business. Knowing the current Georgia business code is my job.

I keep up with changes in incorporation law and recent court cases that could have an impact to business revenue and operations of my clients.

I understand that smaller businesses are very concerned about their expenses and their bottom line. I take pride in delivering top-notch services in a cost-effective way.  I also understand that time is money for a business owner.

Sometimes spending a little of both in legal planning in the beginning can greatly reduce this expenditure later. Perhaps a legal check-up is needed. Together we can discuss solutions and options completely personalized to your situation.

Business Law Specialties

Formation of Corporations, LLCs and Related Documentation

Start-Up Business Planning and Consulting

Business Contracts

Buy-Sell Agreements

Buying and/or Selling a Business

Shareholder Agreements

Security Agreements

Operating Agreements

Advisory Services for Ongoing Business Legal Needs

Employment Agreements

Independent Contractor Agreements

Please contact me by email at  or call 770-980-9096 to schedule your initial consultation.  Together we will create a solid strategy that protects your most important asset – your company.