Divorce Mediation | Atlanta Divorce Lawyer Explains

Statistics show that mediation leads to better post-divorce relationships between spouses – and better situations for children. Unlike an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse may still disagree about the outcome but decide to undergo mediation with a neutral third party to settle differences.

In fact, most counties in Georgia require that you attend mediation because there is such a higher chance of settling your case. Because you are not spending time in court and paying for many hours of attorney time through a contested divorce case, the mediation process can consume significantly less time and money. It’s still costly, but less costly than litigation.

What Is Mediation During a Divorce in Georgia?

With divorce mediation, a neutral third party mediator will listen to all points of view, examine the evidence, and help facilitate negotiations to reach an amicable solution satisfactory to both you and your spouse.

The mediation process is also designed to encourage both you and your spouse to work together on creating a common solution rather than vehemently fighting each other in the court system.

During the mediation process, you and your spouse will discuss and attempt to resolve important issues such as:

If mediation produces no agreement, your case will go to divorce court as a contested divorce. Some divorce cases at least will resolve some of your issues through mediation.

So, even if you do not settle every issue, settling some issues helps reduce your overall costs and the time it takes to try a case before the court.

Who Attends the Mediation?

You and your divorce attorney, the professionally-licensed mediator, and your spouse and their divorce lawyer are the usual people sitting in a room working out the details of your relationship after the dissolution of your marriage.

You do not have to have a family attorney present, but if your spouse has retained a private lawyer, Nancy Ghertner highly recommends that you also retain an attorney who will protect your rights, either as an ex-spouse or as a parent.

To learn more about mediation and to see if it is right for you, contact Atlanta divorce lawyer Nancy N. Ghertner to schedule a consultation.