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Georgia Advance Directives Explained

When a person is unable to make decisions or wishes to delegate decisions about healthcare or finances, an advance directive would be appropriate. An advance directive grants to another person the rights or abilities that the grantor (the one who signs the decision-making power to another) would have in the situation described in the directive.

What Types of Advance Directives Are There in GA?

Advance directives can be very broad and general, or very specific. A directive could be given specifically to sell a certain stock when it reaches a predetermined price, or it could be given to handle all investments for an individual. A healthcare advance directive could be given specifically to allow an individual to make key decisions for the grantor during an operation, or it could be given to allow that individual to approve or disapprove all procedures that the medical providers recommend. For information on setting up an advanced directive, call 770-980-9096 to set up a free consultation.