Helpful Co-Parenting and Custody Management Websites

Co-parenting is often very difficult, especially if you are still in the midst of a contentious divorce, or if you have recently settled an acrimonious divorce or custody battle. In response to this reality, several websites have been created by legal professionals, counselors, and parents with the goal of helping parents share custody of their children more effectively.

These sites aid parents in managing child custody by helping them keep track of visitation dates, appointments, emergency contacts, and custody agreements via an online database.

Not only do these sites help ease the conflict between divorced or divorcing parents, but these sites also help parents maintain and organize records that may be needed if the parties must go back to court to settle a dispute.

Custody management sites offer various features such as: messaging or message boards, calendars, document archives, virtual visitation, picture galleries, schedule notifications and reminders, expense logs, personal diaries, and means for parents to upload important contact information, medical information, and school and homework assignments. These sites often allow third parties like attorneys, teachers, or judges to have limited access to the information uploaded to the sites.

Children may be given limited access to the sites as well for the purpose of scheduling activities or communicating with parents.

The more comprehensive sites normally charge a yearly fee for their service, but there are some free options available. Additionally, some of the more comprehensive parenting sites sites offer reduced rates or scholarships for families who are unable to afford the yearly fee but desire to take advantage of the service.

Below is a partial list of co-parenting management sites available. Included in the list are the estimated yearly costs, per parent, associated with each site.