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Atlanta Divorce Coach Susan Eller Will Help You Get to the Other Side

Hello, my name is Susan Eller and I am a Certified Life Coach specializing in Divorce Coaching for both women and men. I earned my Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Georgia in 1993, a Paralegal Certificate from Kennesaw State University in 2011, and a Life Coach Certificate from the International Health Coach University in 2015.

Also, I have 10 years of Family Law experience and during that time, I started helping Nancy with paralegal work. 

Recently, Nancy mentioned to me how she would like to help those divorce clients of hers who could benefit from my support and coaching services to get them through the process.  Nancy would focus on the legal aspect of the divorce, and I could focus on the life aspect of the divorce.

I use my Life Coaching experience and family law experience to help clients during the difficult transition that comes with a divorce. The end of a marriage is a major life event for most couples especially if there are children involved. Emotions like fear, anger, and even guilt can undermine the whole divorce process, which results in delayed closure and additional legal fees.

As you explore the possibility of ending an unhealthy marriage and filing for divorce, you may be searching for answers to these difficult questions:

“Should I file for divorce, or can a marriage counselor save our marriage?”
“Do I even have the energy to go through with this?”
“Do I still have to share my retirement savings with my ex-spouse?”
“Will I lose custody of my children?”
“Will my children hold this against me?”
“Can I make enough money to live on my own?”
“Am I too old to get a divorce?”
“Will my friends think I’m selfish?”
“Can I even afford a divorce lawyer’s legal fees?”
“Will my spouse react badly when I tell them?”
“Will my parents, or my spouse’s parents hate me?”

As your personal divorce coach, I will help you process these questions and offer solutions based on my experience as a life coach with divorce law experience. My job is to ease your mind so you can make clearheaded decisions and do what’s right for you. I will be there for you during this difficult life change.

How Can a Divorce Coach Help Me Cope Better?

It is true that the term “divorce coach” is a relatively new service in the area of family and marriage law. So how can a divorce coach make the whole process run more smoothly with less emotional turmoil? A licensed life coach offers the following services:

  • Coach you on how to tell your spouse you want to file for divorce
  • Role play with you to prepare for how to tell your children that their lives will be different – but better.
  • Based on years of experience a divorce coach will prepare age-appropriate answers to your children’s questions.
  • Help you process your emotions during one of the most difficult events in your life
  • Talk through your options surrounding child custody, financial support, visitation, financial asset division, and alternative dispute resolution.
  • Create a list of the most important items you want in the final divorce decree (the must-haves that are non-negotiable)
  • Attend attorney-client meetings and be your emotional partner while adhering to strict privacy rules.
  • Give you helpful mental exercises you can do at home to keep up your courage until final resolution
  • Work with you to set post-divorce goals and check in with you periodically.

Please let me know how I can help ease the stress of a divorce. I look forward to meeting you!